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hey just thought id post a pic of the tat for those of u that are not on myspace... even though its the most awesomest thing EVER... the last pic i had was a little risque... translation there's a lack of maturity... oh and one more thing I WASNT NAKED... well here is another pic...
long asss time no updating... i dont know whats happening to me im slacking... lets see... long story short... i've hung out w/ john more... i've gone to the sig hall... i got written up for mlk break... grrr stupid 30 minutes on the pike hall... damn the man... lol well initiation is over so i got super drunk wednesday nignt and attempted to call jen... lol and ended up sleeping in the sig chapter room w/ gurnee and lewis... that was fun... fri iwent to the sig informal... which was fun... i was kinda drunk and ended up at denny's w/ joel and others... the only girl... as usual... lol sat i was sober (i know surprizing) lol oh and i got my tattoo... whoop whoop prolly posting pics tommorrow...

p.s. can't wait till wednesday... matchbook romance, from first to last, jen, john, chris, sleepovers, orgy's, and awesomeness... awe i <3 u jen

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ok well long time no type or update or whatever u wanna call this... well i am back at school... back into classes... back to hell... lol jk jk... well french 2 is gonna kick my ass... i'm glad i have got to see some people i missed them... on friday me, ayla, poco, andrew, jen, and evan went to visit nicole... it was fun... some drama went down... but its all good now...
a few little things from the ville trip:
*homosexual henry attacking everyone... and ayla breaking his arm
*random model internet guy macking on people
*ayla and jen walking through the drive through due to my window not being able to roll down... it was the funniest thing EVER... ayla rode on my hood... the random black guy aka reuban studderd asked if ayla was married to which she replied "my name is not mary"... then she dropped half her cheeseburger in a puddle and the other half got slammed in the door... so yes we went back... and she got a free cheeseburger
*getting whip lash everytime nicole said "i promise i know where we are going..." yes yes
*making drinks for people w/ few ingredients

sat i went to the sig hall... had fun...

sun i went to the sig hall after goin to courtneys bday... had fun once again...

mon i went and visited john... we watched a movie... i ended up w/ a horrible ass bruise... thanks buddy... i've started exercising... i ran three miles and biked 2 yesterday... yay for exercising... this week is initiation week... ive been a slacker but errything will be finished and fine... initiation is sat and sun... and im gonna die... i just cant sit still... i'm just not in the mood...
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well lets see quick catch up... i have been hanging out w/ jen and poco a bunch and we went shopping mon and tues in lex... we have been working out too... its been good... maybe i wont get too fat over break... well lets hope not... lol well anyways...
i did a gift exchange w/ jen and poco, and then one w/ allison, kara, anne, hava, anna, jamon, drew, savannah, catherine, greg, rooney, bethany, danielle, and allie... it was fun times we had chili... lol it was yummy...
FRI DEC 24th
anna's bday!!i had my christmas w/ my mom and brother and we went to a movie... lemity snicket or whatever its called.. it was really good... SAT DEC 25th -MON DEC 27th
i headed out to my dads and stayed there till monday doing christmas and such...
MON DEC 27th
MY BIRTHDAY!!! and if ya'll didnt know that ur CRAZY... lol well yes monday was my birthday it was really exciting... lol well i came back to berea and me and poco and ayla went exercising... then i came back and ate some and watched some of my dead like me series and took a shower... afterwards poco and ayla surprised me by decorating my car w/ a loverly hat and balloon and feliz complianos sign... yes thats right it was mexican day... cuz yep u guessed it we went to mexico afterwards.. but yeah they were hiding in my bushes... in the cold... awe i <3 them... lol well we headed to mexico and told them it was my birthday... i got a free fried icecream... and ayla got them to sing for me... omg it was soo scary... a scary old mexican man came and serinated me w/a guitar in hand... this was after hee took the hat off(that poco got me and made me wear) and putting on a sombrero and this mexican looking shawl... it was awesome... lol and heavy as shit... they took some pics of me blushing w/ the guys... and then it was over... when we paid they asked me how old i was... then started talking in spanish to each other... i was a little scared... lol well then i came back home and waited for my other birthday stuff to start...
we left berea around seven and headed to lex to TGI Fridays... we got in really quick and ordered our food and everything... it was me, allison, anna, kara, hava, anne, and drew... me, anna, and hava got free desserts cuz of our bday... but yeah i had a yummy garden burger... we headed over to target b4 the movie started and got some candy... we headed over to regal to see "closer..." omg i hated it... it was so random and weird... and it was all dialogue it didnt seem to have a point... and yeah two thumbs down... lol... i wasnt a fan... neither was allison or drew... but the other car of people loved it... man what WEIRDOS lol jk... we drove back and headed over to allisons house and played some scene play which was fun, and outburst... man those are a group of cheater mc, cheatersons... lol well anyways i left and got home and went to bed...
i was awoken by my phone, and i got ready to go shopping... we went to lex once again and walked around a lot... lol i found a bunch of stuff i liked, but i just bought some new connies... but yeah then i came home and ate some food, and watched tv w/ my momma... cuz im cool like that... im not skanky in the least... lol thats all for now... sorry that was prolly like a book... my bad...
today is december 27th which is the coolest day in the whole year... and why is that? lol it would be because it's my birthday!! i am officially 20 years old... yay go me... im a grandma... lol damn time flies by fast...luv ya'll i will update more later about my birthday experiences
lets see i have been hanging out w/ poco and jen a bunch... there was some drama but its all been resolved... i have been shopping for christmas presents twice in lex and i still need to go to rich b4 the end of this week... i am bored times ten but i am in love w/ a guy named ernest... lol we saw him in a dollar store in lexington and i practically started drooling... i am gonna be making some trips there in the near future... he is beautiful... ahh... oh yes and i got my grades which i am very happy with... and my bday is in 5 days and christmas is approaching fast and um yeah... yay... go me...
lets see i am backtracking and i am here to talk about finals week... it was a huggge blur, consisting of me traveling back and forth to berea, writing 5 papers and studying my little ass off... it was chaos... i did manage to visit jon cole some, although i was informed by the other sigs they thought i had fallen off the face of the earth(cuz i hadn't been up to the hall or in the cafeteria) which is VERY unusual for me... so i understand the concern... lol... well anyways i only had finals weds, thurs, and fri... but i managed to get 4 finals out of my 4 classes... i'm just soo lucky oh and all of them except one was from 9-11... oh and im sooo chipper at that time, especially when its like 10 degrees below zero outside and i have 4 layers of clothing on... ahhh it was hell... but yeah... its all good... although i did have an interesting experience w/ a final... well see thurs night i was inticed to drink... well i didnt drink much and i managed to study a full 45 minutes b4 i went over there... well i was feeling good but i was sober by the time i came back over(around 1:30) lol after i lost jon cole... well i came back over and got distracted by a stupid boy on the internet and went to bed at 2:30, being careful to set my alarm for 7 so i could wake up and study... but yeah my roomate woke up at 9:15 and said didn't u have a final.. i freaked out threw on my 4 layers of clothes and ran across campus... apparentely i did all of this and i looked like i had sex hair... i wouldnt know what that looked like... but yeah i was looking rough... well i got to take my final... funny thing is i did 2 points worse then my best score in that class and i studied 6 hours for that one... score 1 for me... well i packed up and headed back to berea... i hooked up w/ jen and poco later that night and have been pretty much doing that all of break... haha no no not like that....