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oh my how i love people who talk about me behind my back... it really is fucking mature... lol I mean honestly... its fucking berea, do you seriously believe that I won't find out?? Or are you hoping I will so you don't have to actually face up to me?? Well one way you are being naive, and the other way you are a immature breed of coward... lol take your pick... I don't need this fucking high school drama... I'm not in highschool and now neither are you... grow up...

**its no surprise that you want a new boyfriend... you constantly need to be with someone, you are far too dependent on the presence of others to be happy... you need that reoccurring security and reassurance which is not f-ing healthy... deal with your own life before you start making comments about mine... *

oh and by the way... in response to my last post and shit you've said... my oh my little girl, you have done far fucking worse... oh but I never judged you... However you are a hypocrite, so in a way I guess that makes this all fit together... But if you really do want to get shit started, how about you grow some balls and tell me to my face... because you obviously don't know who you are messing with...

thank you and have a nice day... ;)
how's it going
awe its going okay... how is it going with you??
p.s. i added you.
add me back? ♥
hey yo